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Excerpted from Richard Roeper's review in the Chicago Sun-Times:

“As I perch at my laptop and begin to tell you why I found ‘A Hologram for the King’ to be a beautiful and eccentric waking dream about a modern-day Willy Loman played to subtle perfection by America's most beloved and accomplished leading man, the Rotten Tomatoes website is still awaiting its first review of the film, and here's what I think about that:

“When all is said and written and done, I wouldn't be surprised if some critics absolutely loathe this movie.

“It's just that kind of film. Strange and ambling and sad and whimsical. Polarizing.

“For all its weird and sometimes almost arbitrary touches, "A Hologram for the King" is faithful to the acclaimed (and equally ethereal) novel by the prolific and gifted Dave Eggers. Writer-director Tom Tykwer is clearly a fan of the source material, and he has done an admirable job of taking a melancholy, beautifully rendered piece of prose and catapulting it to visual life.

The great Tom Hanks is in prime form as Alan Clay, a former hotshot salesman of a certain age who has fallen on hard times and is haunted by the memory of once spearheading Schwinn's move to outsource hundreds and hundreds of jobs to China. Good for the company, terrible for all the lives left ruined.

“Divorced, financially strapped, unable to pay for his daughter's college education and clinging to his last shred of professional dignity, Alan parlays his tenuous connection to the nephew of the king of Saudi Arabia into one last grasp at the brass ring . . .”

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