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“The Man Who Knew Infinity” is the true story of the Indian math genius and his struggle to be accepted in a world fraught with racism in 1914.


It hasn't been easy to find a worthy follow up to "Slumdog Millionaire" for Indian actor Dev Patel but this appealing performer certainly scores as Indian math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan whose ground breaking work paved the way for Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing as seen in their respective biopics, “The Theory Of Everything” and “The Imitation Game”.

This engrossing drama is the true story of how an uneducated clerk from Madras, India whose brilliance created a sensation at Cambridge University in 1914. Ramanujan's mentor, portrayed by Jeremy Irons, challenges the young man's intuitive approach to mathematics and fights to get his protege a fellowship over the opposition of his bigoted colleagues.

Join us here at your affordable Varsity Theatre and see how this young man's battle with the racism of the times and his own inner demons led to breakthroughs which affect us even yet today.

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